Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Strike and Resolution: 4 Views

There are three significant parties in BC. What are their positions on the teachers' strike?


The Liberal government's news releases are here, with strike messaging is here.
  • The minister says he is eager for a resolution but the union won't move enough.
  • They have issued an FAQ sheet.

The official opposition, the NDP, has news releases here.
  • They think we should do mediation and return to school in the meantime.
  • They say the government is "putting up roadblocks."
  • They have asked for education minister Fassbender to resign.
The Green party has called for arbitration, specifically including binding arbitration last Friday, shortly after the BCTF had requested it.

The Conservatives have surprisingly detailed policy ideas on the issue, especially on the government dropping the court case.

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