Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Global Warming From a Sunnier Globe
What if pollution makes the planet cooler? That's what made the most sense to me when I first thought about the issue. (I think it was grade 2 that I had noticed that clouds make it cooler and my teacher told me that pollution causes clouds.). You'd think someone would have looked into this earlier.

It turns out that pollution does block the sun. The planet's mid-century cooling (from the 50's to the 70's) is explained by the blockage of the sun. The late century rise in temperatures is explained by pollution reductions.

Plus, clarity from the comments:
"If i get this right, industrial pollution masked the natural warming from the Little Ice Age and the clean air initiatives caused the earth temperatures to rebound to normal levels." - Lawrence Todd

Update(June'14): A paper has been published claiming a 1C drop in temperature from 2009-2020. The drop is based on a solar forcing model. It'll be interesting in 6 years to compare these results with greenhouse gas models
Related: Topher uses IPCC data to compare carbon reduction with temperature adaptation.

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